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Our complete registration package is available here, for download: RCNS Complete Package 2017.

In order to register your child you must:

1. Complete the registration forms above (note that you will need your child’s health card number and immunization records)

2. Pay your fees. Fees can be paid as one lump sum, or as 10 monthly post-dated cheques (dated the 1st of each month, Sept -June). The membership fee should be dated with the date of registration.

3. If you plan on volunteering at the school, submit a completed Police Record Check (PRC). A letter can be obtained from the Director indicating your need for a PRC, this will ensure that there is no cost to you in obtaining one. You can apply for a PRC at Ottawa Police Services located at 211 Huntmar Drive, Kanata (near Canadian Tire Center). It generally takes a minimum of 4 weeks so ensure that you get your forms in as soon as possible. For more information please visit the Ottawa Police website here. You can download the forms and save time by filling them out before you go.

4. If you are the parent of a returning student, submit an “Annual Offence Declaration Form” available here.


The school will send out an orientation package which will include information on the parent and child orientation processes, school start dates, mandatory Orientation Meeting date (at least one parent must attend – no children please), September duty day schedules, Committee assignments, planned community/publicity events and a list of the current Executive members and their contact information. You should receive this by mail in August.


One month’s written notice must be given to the Registrar prior to withdrawal or one month’s fee will be forfeited. No refunds will be made after April 1st or for holidays or absenteeism.