The Executive handles the business of running the nursery school and is assisted in the day-to-day operations and with special projects by committees made up of all the parents. The Executive is elected, according to the By-laws of the nursery school, from the members of the co-operative. There are 6 positions on the Executive, as follows:

  • President – The President is the Chief Executive Officer presiding at general, executive and special meetings and acts as the school’s official representative in the community.
  • Vice-President – Assists the President with duties listed with specific attention to follow up with various committee members to ensure action has been taken. Maintains the By-Laws and Policy and Procedures Manual.
  • Secretary – Holds the Corporate Seal and Minute Book. Takes minutes at all Executive and General Meetings and ensures they are posted for public viewing and the highlights distributed by email in a timely fashion.
  • Treasurer – Manages the school’s financial affairs, responsible for accounts payables and receivables, prepares annual budget, advises on feasibility of projected class size and structure, collects all fees and disburses the funds as directed.
  • Registrar – Responsible for all the registration forms and procedures throughout the year.
  • Director of Publicity and Communication – Responsible for keeping Richmond Co-operative Nursery School known in the community by coordinating the school’s presence or participation at community activities, e.g. the Richmond Fall Fair, Santa’s Parade, etc. where fundraising is not the primary objective.