• Richmond Cooperative Nursery School

    Richmond Co-operative Nursery School (RCNS) is a non-profit pre-school, licensed by the Ministry of Education under the Child Care and Early Years Act and is inspected annually to ensure it is fully meeting all requirements. RCNS was founded on January 7, 1975 in Richmond at St. Paul’s United Church. The school moved to its current premises, in St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, in 1985. 


  • What is a Co-operative Nursery School?

    As a co-operative, the nursery school is owned and run by our parent members as a non-profit organization. An Executive Committee, comprised of parents (past and present) and staff, and is elected or appointed (select positions) each year. The Executive handles the business of running the nursery school and is assisted in the day-to-day operations and with special projects by committees made up of all the members. In order to keep our co-operative nursery school operating in an efficient and effective manner, parents are required to help with the daily operation of the school facility, in addition to working on a designated committee or as a member of the executive.

  • Programs starting at 18 months

    The Richmond Co-operative Nursery School offers programs for children between the age of 18 months and 4 years old. The classes are divided into two programs; Toddler (age 18 month-2 1/2 years old) and Preschool (age 2 21/2 to 4 years old).

    The Toddler program runs on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9-11am.

    The Preschool program runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9-11:30 am.

    We offer a Flex program (based on the number of children who are registered in the Preschool program), where participants can attend one or two days of the week.

    • Since 1975

      The Richmond Co-operative Nursery School (RCNS) has been a valued member of the Richmond community for more than 40 years. We support local community partners by having visits from the librarian, field trips to the fire station and more.

    • Start with a Great Foundation

      The Richmond Co-operative Nursery School’s goal is to create a positive foundation for your child’s first learning. By experimenting with play, music and crafts children develop socially, emotionally, physically, creatively and intellectually.

    • Building Relationships

      Children in our program are guided to interact and communicate with others in a positive manner, build friendships, celebrate differences, share thoughts and ideas and take pride in their own unique accomplishments.

    • Owned & Run by Members

      As a co-operative, the nursery school is wholly owned and run by our parent members as a non-profit organization. We believe that early learning is a shared
      responsibility between our families and our educators.

    • Health & Safety

      The Richmond Co-operative Nursery School strives to promote a healthy safe program. We encourage all families to provide their child a nutritious, balanced snack. We also maintain strict hygiene standards for our classroom which includes handwashing, disinfecting tables (before and after snack) and regular cleaning of the toys.

    • Quality Education

      RCNS encourages and supports opportunities for our educators to participate in professional development.

    • Inclusive Environment

      We welcome children with a variety of special needs and make every effort possible to integrate them into our program.

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